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Social and Management Sciences Courses

Social and Management Science is a degree program which is a broad study designed to solve problems and ease decision making in human organizations, with reliable links to economics, business administration, and other social sciences. It uses various scientific research-based principles, strategies, and analytical methods including mathematical modeling, statistics and numerical algorithms to improve an organization's performance.


The Objectives of a Degree in Sociology are to:

i. Offer students a sound knowledge of sociology and an appreciation of its applications in different socio-cultural context and involve experience of learning and studying the workings of society.

ii. Provide students with broad and well balanced knowledge of sociological theories and methods thereby facilitating their skills development in scientific inquiry.

iii. Develop in students a range of useful competences for public, private or self-employment.

Four Years | 4 Sessions Course Details

Mass Communication

The Department of Mass Communication offers a four (4) year degree programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication. This department is housed in the College of Social and Management Sciences.

Four Years | 4 Sessions Course Details

Political Science

The Political Science degree programme is broadly designed to produce graduates who are adequately equipped with comparative knowledge of the nature, dynamics and problems of political systems, state, ideologies, governance, public policy processes and public administration, especially within the context of developing countries like Nigeria. As a major field of study, Political Science has other specialized branches that have developed into full- blown Departments and specializations such as International Relations, International Law and Diplomacy, Public Administration and Peace Studies. The National Universities Commission (NUC) has produced the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) for Undergraduate Programmes in Nigerian Universities that guide Universities in mounting other degree programmes in the Social Sciences such as Political Science. The NUC has no BMAS for Political Science and Public Administration combined for which the Western Delta University awards a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree. In fact, the curriculum for the said programme is a B.Sc (Hons.) Political Science. It is hereby proposed that Bachelor of Science degrees in Political Science, Public Administration and International Relations being introduced are in line with the respective BMAS as separate and distinct degree programmes.

Four Years | 4 Sessions Course Details

Business Management

The philosophy of the department is to produce managerial manpower with appropriate knowledge, skills and aptitude to handle the ever-growing and changing business environment.


To produce management scientists that are self-reliant and useful to the society.


To use highly skilled personnel to train the students with the latest technology available.

Four Years | 4 Sessions Course Details


The Department of Accounting was established from inception in 2008. It was under the Department of Banking and Finance with two (2) degree options in Accounting and Banking and Finance. However, during the 2009/2010 academic session, the management of the University changed the Department of Banking and Finance to the Department of Accounting and Finance. The Department presently runs a Four (4) year degree programme leading to the award of B.Sc. Accounting.

It will suffice to state that the Department gained full NUC (National Universities Commission) accreditation in the 2011/2012 academic sessions and recently gained full ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria) accreditation in 2013/2014 academic sessions. It has so far graduated Five (5) sets of students in the 2014/2015 academic sessions.

Four Years | 4 Sessions Course Details


The Department of Economics offers a four-year degree programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. The Department was established in 2008, at the inception of the University, under the College of Social and Management Sciences. It maintains this Departmental status till date and produced its first set of graduates in 2011.

Four Years | 4 Sessions Course Details

Hotel and Tourism Management

The Department of Hotel and Tourism Management offers a Five Year Degree and Four Year Degree (Direct Entry) programmes of courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) in Hotel and Tourism Management. To achieve the programme objectives, relevant branches of natural and social sciences are integrated to form the basis of a coordinated sequence of applied courses in the penultimate and the final year. An essential aspect of this course is the opportunity provided for students to gain direct practical experience during the period of industrial attachment in the food, hotel and tourism industries, hospitals, research centres, corporate organizations and agencies. To be registered as professional dietetic, students are required to also undergo a one year internship programme after graduation in any recognized and approved teaching hospital in the country

Students are registered as student members and graduate to full professional associate membership of Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria (HATMAN) on completion of the programme.

4 | 4 Sessions Course Details