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BSc. Economics


The philosophy of the Department of Economics is that training and education in Economics will bring out the best of human capital and material resources; which will foster sustainable growth and development in the Nigerian and international political economies.

To produce quality Economists with entrepreneurial and innovative minds that would be of value in public and private organizations as well as self-employment.

The mission of the Economics programme is to produce competent graduates with razor-edge intellectual minds, equipped with critical skills to model real world problems. Also to analyze data and communicate the results effectively to the general public as well as to draw pragmatic policy inferences that would promote Nigeria’s socio-economic development in a globalizing world.


  1. To produce graduates with a deep understanding of the principles of economics.
  2. To produce graduates with a deep appreciation of the application of economic principles to a range of problems and its relevance in a variety of contexts.
  3. To produce intellectual/research minds equipped with qualitative and quantitative analytical tools, knowledge and skills to provide solutions to societal economic problems.
  4. To produce competent and confident graduates who can effectively cope with decision-making and advisory challenges in both the private and public sectors of the economy.
  5. To prepare students for vigorous post-graduate and academic pursuits in all areas of economic discipline, related areas or in inter-disciplinary areas that involve economics.
    1. To produce honest and independent minded graduates with the highest ideals of academic excellence and ethical standards, who would aspire to leadership positions in the country

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