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BSc. Hotel and Tourism Management


The guiding philosophy of the degree programme in Hotel and Tourism Management is to produce a crop of graduates equipped with professional knowledge and practical hand-on-skills, to cater for the food and leisure needs of the vast number of people who eat or stay away from home in a world characterized by rapid growth in industry, commerce, communication and transportation. This programme has also been developed to meet the demand for successful entrepreneurs and managers in Hospitality and Tourism Studies. It aims to provide students with a critical understanding of the study of Hospitality and Tourism management and the global tourism marketplace, and also the ability and confidence to creatively and innovatively solve management problems in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

To produce high quality graduates imbued with requisite entrepreneurial skills to tackle the challenges and expand the horizon of the hospitality and tourism industry through employment and self employment in a rapidly globalizing world as well as dynamic centre of learning of professional excellence in Hospitality and Tourism studies and in research planning and development.

The mission of the Hotel and Tourism Management Department is to use highly competent personnel to educate and train students for the effective and efficient management of the hospitality and tourism industry in Nigeria.


The major objectives of the programme are:

  1. To produce graduates with competence in conceptual, management and entrepreneurial skills to take opportunity in public and private sectors and create self-employment.
  2. To enable graduate acquire practical and analytical competence, able to plan, monitor and evaluate appropriate nutrition intervention programmes for the benefits of population groups.
  3. To equip graduates with data processing and interpretative skills and ability to provide solutions to nutrition problems and tackle challenges in the hospitality industry in general.
  4. To produce graduates with leadership qualities that will enable them take on leadership role in public and private establishments in the hotel and tourism industry.
  5. To produce graduates who can communicate effectively in English and French languages, information technology skills required for global communication and thus, enhance employment and self-employment opportunities in a globalizing world.
  6. To produce graduates who will maintain the ethical standard of the hotel and tourism, and with the relevant knowledge and involvement in practical hand-on-skill base, from which they can proceed for further studies in special areas such as ecotourism, strategic tourism planning and development, hospitality and tourism marketing management, dietetics, among others.

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