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Compliance and Transparency Courses

The course Compliance and transparency focuses on how to comply and be true with the law and how important it is to do the right thing considering the law. Compliance with the law is essential for every company. Transparency in business is an important attribute of a successful company and an essential criterion for its long-term success. A compliance program helps companies achieve its objective by specifying the legal and ethical obligations for conducting a transparent business.

Applied Law and Compliance

The course focuses on general compliance subjects. While the pressures have increased the assistance given to managers their companies by regulators, the police, criminals and civil court has decreased. By empowering an organization’s manager and staff to take ownership of its own particular workforce, it will protect against any fraudulent attacks.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details

Averting Financial Economic Fraud

This course addresses the global problems of economic crime, money laundering and transnational fraud. It covers methods that tackle local manageable problems and also allows delegates to develop their skills confront the elusive criminal who manipulates cyberspace or who pulls levers from an ever shifting overseas base.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details

Corruption in Workplace

The course looks at the implications of corruption upon government, public and private sector organizations and the individuals within those organizations. There is a strong emphasis on how to combat corruption with the use of practical workshop to re-enforce identified learning outcomes as well as covering topics such as risk assessment, prevention and investigatory issues, evidence management and the use of financial investigation.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details