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Finance Courses

Finance is a course taught to educate and increase understanding about raising funds for an organization in other to run it efficiently and effectively on a daily basis. Every organization needs finance to run its organization and project. Finance as a course entails finance theories, financial services and financial analysis.

Analyzing Financial Statement

This course will be of benefit to those who need to read, understand and analyze financial statements of corporate businesses on a regular basis. New or recent recruits to the financial services industry, particularly within banking, stock broking, equity sales and research, corporate finance, business valuation and fund management, will find the knowledge acquired invaluable.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details

Financial Statement Adjustments and Ratio

This course provides delegates with an in-depth understanding of analytical adjustments to the financial statements of rated corporate issuers. It also provides a detailed overview of financial ratios, cash flow and rating committees.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details