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Human Resources Management Courses

Human Resources Management covers the strategic approach to the effective management of organization workers so that they help the business gain a competitive advantage, and it is responsible for personnel sourcing, hiring, training, skill development, benefits administration and compliance with applicable national, regional and local laws.

Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence

Understanding how to manage your own feelings and actions requires emotional intelligence. Learning how to read the true motives behind conflict can be god for your career, as can feeling in control of your behavior choices both when things are going well and during conflict.

This course will teach delegates to go beyond surface behavior to identify the motivation behind behavior. It becomes easier to accept a person’s actions when you understand what drives you from within.

5 DAYS OR 10 DAYS | 4 Sessions Course Details

Human Resource Management and Career Development

This course aims to examine the key issues facing human resource (HR) managers as new developments and techniques are introduced. The course will further develop the HR manager’s skills improve operational effectiveness and achieve personal and organizational goals and improve the understanding and key principles of HR strategy for both public and private sectors.

5 DAYS OR 10 DAYS | 4 Sessions Course Details