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Management Skills Courses

In business, Management skills are very essential to boost the everyday performance of the organization. The course Management skills covers the capacity to run a business. It's being able to make the right choices while managing the overall performance of the company.

Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

This course teaches delegates to effectively manage crisis situations, and what an effective crisis management plan consists of and how and when to invoke it.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details

Developing Quality Management Systems

Using the various framework of Quality management certifications, like the ISO 9001, as a benchmark; this course will help participants develop policies that will underpin the framework for building a good quality management system backed by the right structure and processes.

This course has been designed for both public and private organizations that aim to deliver a good customer service experience to clients or general public.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details

Leading a Project Team

This course teaches delegates to develop project objectives, define project scope, and develop and leas a project team.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details