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Natural Resources: Reform, Development and Sustainability Courses

This course is a broad course that describes different types of natural resources. This course will cover how they can be reformed, developed and sustained. Natural resources are useful raw materials that we get from the Earth. They occur naturally, which means that humans cannot make natural resources. Instead, we use and modify natural resources in ways that are beneficial to us.

Agriculture: Improving Policy, Infrastructure and Institutional Capacity

Agriculture constitutes an important part of most emerging economies and is generally the primary source of income in rural areas. This course will aid participants in reviewing their agriculture policies and address issues relating to infrastructure and institutional capacity.

A holistic approach to the development of the agricultural industry is the key objective of this course.

5 DAYS OR 10 DAYS | 4 Sessions Course Details

Strategic Management of Agribusiness

This course explores using organizational and management theory to improve agribusiness.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details