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Public Governance Skills Courses

Public governance skills as a course focuses on important skills a person must possess to be able to lead and guide the public. This course will help prepare a person mentally and physically to be a public leader.

Corporate Governance in the Public Service

This course prepares delegates to cultivate modern policies and practices in their department or area of responsibility.
Delegates will discuss, analyze and evaluate key elements of modern governance using interactive techniques and case studies from Africa, Asia and Europe. The course provides ideas to stimulate improvement of economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace and examines means of developing staff into high-performing teams.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details

Implementing Ethics and Preventing Corruption for Senior Manager

This course examines the causes and effects of corruption and dishonesty in public and private sectors, including costs to governments, organizations and individuals, as well as examining why corruption is so difficult to identify. Using interactive sessions, it provides delegates with practical methods to minimize such practices.

2 | 10 Sessions Course Details